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Board Committee TORs


1.1. Board, Audit Committee (3 Vacancies)

The committee requires members with demonstrated experience in governance, risk management and internal audit. The committee member should also have knowledge of financial reporting and experience with relevant regulations applicable to the institute.

Summary ToRs as below;
1. Review the effectiveness of the processes of corporate governance;
2. Review the effectiveness of IIA Kenya internal controls and risk management systems;
3. Review the scope, results and recommendations of the internal and external audit;
4. Review the audited financial statements and recommend for Board’s approval.
5. Monitor compliance with external legislation and policies

1.2. Advocacy, Public Policy and Publicity Committee (5 Vacancies)

The committee members should have experience in public policy, legislation developments in the country, brand positioning and management. The candidate should also demonstrate experience in advocacy and stakeholder lobbying at various levels in both private and public sectors.

Summary ToRs as below;
1. Develop and recommend plans for public information programs and news releases through which the institute and the profession may achieve broader public recognition.
2. Provide thought leadership, guidance, and operational assistance to the IIA Kenya Board on the implementation of its advocacy strategy.
3. Maintain or develop closer ties with related organizations in the area by encouraging joint meetings or activities and exchanging information on programs and seminars of special interest.
4. Develop and recommend an elaborate IIA Kenya brand and internal audit profession awareness in alignment with the institute’s brand guidelines.
5. Develop and maintain a media plan by developing and publishing regular articles and mainstream media engagement.
6. Ensure recognition of CIA & IIA- K membership as a key professional membership in Internal Audit Job adverts in both Private and Public Sector scheme of service.
7. Advocate and lobby for IIA Kenya recognition with key public and private sector stakeholders for furtherance of the Institutes agenda and members.
8. Lead the legislative agenda for the institute.

1.3. Member Services Committee (5 Vacancies)

The committee members should have demonstrated experience in business development, development of membership recruitment & growth programs and passion for service management.

Summary ToRs as below;
1. Develop and recommend a membership recruitment and retention plan in line with the institute’s overall strategy.
2. Develop engagement plans with various stakeholders of the institute to grow membership across Public and Private Sectors.
3. Develop a membership policy framework to achieve a robust and active coverage of the institute.
4. Develop and recommend partnerships and membership propositions with the objective of achieving a robust portfolio of member added-value services.
5. Develop the sector-based member forums to promote knowledge-sharing within and outside sectors to grow the profession in the country.
6. Develop and recommend a member recognition policy to facilitate the IIA Kenya governance, controls and risk management contribution awards.

1.4. Training and Development Committee (5 Vacancies)

The committee members should have extensive experience in governance, internal audit & risk management, experience in training content development, and an active contributor to professional practice development as a trainer or writer.

Summary ToRs as below;
1. Develop and recommend training programs for the institute in line with the assessed global trends on governance, internal controls and risk management:
2. Develop training partnerships with local and international professional organizations to support the institute’s training strategy.
3. Develop a training framework for admission and evaluation of trainers in line with the institute’s training strategy.
4. Conduct annual training needs assessments required to build the professional practice of governance, internal audit and risk management in the public and private sectors.
5. To review and recommend the CPE policy for institute’s training programs

1.5. Certification and Development Committee (5 Vacancies)

The committee members should have extensive experience in governance, internal audit & risk management, experience in partnership development and negotiations and a holder of certified internal audit or certification in risk management.

Summary ToRs as below;
1. Develop a robust student recruitment plan to grow the number of certified internal auditors in the institute.
2. Develop partnerships to facilitate training opportunities for students pursuing the certification programs.
3. Conduct annual survey on the adoption of the international professional practice framework in private and public sector organizations.
4. Develop partnerships with other certification bodies for recognition and promotion of the institute’s certification programs.
5. Lobby & advocate for CPA (K) recognition for CIA challenge exam
6. Maintain continuous engagement with the certified members of the institute through specific forums to ensure that they retain their certifications.

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OnRisk Report 2021

In the 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic first shuttered the world, organizations have learned to embrace the unexpected. Board members, C-suite executives, and chief audit executives — the key players in risk management — now know that low likelihood/high impact risks must be given greater consideration. This realization has jolted boards into greater awareness of risk management weaknesses, energized senior management to build more nimble and resilient organizations, and positioned internal audit to deliver broader value.




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